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The Funniest Math Jokes Ever

I don't get why you always have to find x in math equations

Guess I'll never know y

If /u/doubledickdude was a math equation...


How do you solve a math equation?

Isolate the "x" so it gets depressive and takes suicide.

What do you call the brand of toilet paper that prints math equations on their rolls?


A math equation

A dozen, a gross, and a score

Plus three times the square root of four

Divide that by seven

Plus five times eleven

Is nine squared and nothing else more.

Al Gore’s new band

Did you hear the Al Gore started a band based on math equations?

It's called "Al Gore Rhythm"

I made a math equation explaining vice presidents

I call it Al Gore-ithim

A math equation

W = women M = Money T = Time

W = T x M We know that women are time and money

Time is equal to money, so T = M

We can then say W = M^2

Money is the root of evil.

We can then substitute again and say that
W = sqrt(M^2).

Now simplified, W = E. Women are evil. Math proves it!

Edit: Wow, for being in r/jokes you guys sure are buzz kills. Lighten up.

What do you call a motherly math equation?

A momonial

What's two plus two?

A math equation.

An Anesthesiologist....

One day an anesthesiologist is boring his kids and wife with a complex math equation over dinner.


The wife says:

"honey you are good at putting people to sleep."

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